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Therapeutic Treatment

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Foot Reflexology

Price: 30 min - $50     45 min - $70     60 min - $85

Areas on the foot correspond to other areas of the body. Reflexology improves metabolism and energy production in human body. By stimulating the nervous system and blood circulation, reflexology can reduce severity of headaches and migraines and eliminate toxins from the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Price: 30 min - $50     45 min - $70     60 min - $85     90 min - $125      120 min - $160

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscles and the fascia. Strong pressure is applied to release chronic knots and muscle tension.

Relaxation Massage

Price: 30 min - $50     45 min - $70     60 min - $85     90 min - $125      120 min - $160

Relaxation massage is a great choice for clients who face the stress from daily life. Lighter pressure keeps your mind active. Smooth and rhythmic gliding strokes are used for relaxing, improving peripheral circulation, bringing stress level down, reducing blood pressure, and boosting immune system.

Hot Stone Massage

Price: 60 min - $95     90 min - $ 140

Melt away muscle tension and stress from your busy day with Hot Stone therapy. This special treatment promotes deeper muscle relaxation with heated stones over the entire body.

The advantages of Hot Stone therapy are reducing strained muscle tension and pain, relieving from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and carpel tunnel syndrome, decreasing stress, and assisting mobility and flexibility.


Price: 60 min - $95     90 min - $ 140

After consultation, essential oil will be selected and mixed into massage oil to suit the individual. Each essential oil have different properties. The benefits of Aromatherapy are eliminating anxiety, reducing stress level, melting feelings of depression away, raising energy levels, and decreasing headaches and migraines.