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Remedial Massage

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Remedial Massage

Price: 30 min - $55     45 min - $75     60 min - $90     90 min - $130     120 min - $170

This treatment provides a healing method for muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues which are damaged, knotted or immobile. This can be done by applying strong or gentle pressure. We will systematically assess your discomfort and symptoms in order to assist in pain and injury management and your return to normal health.

Key benefits of Remedial massage are the alleviation of stiffness and tension; and stimulation of blood supply. This promotes removal of toxins in the muscles, reduction of swelling and relaxation to improve joint mobility. 

Special Remedial Treatment

Cupping                                       Remedial Massage + Cupping

Price: 1 session - $30                 Price: 60 min - $95    90 min - $135    120 min  - $175

Cupping is a therapy that applies vacuum glass cups to the skin over the targeted area to create suction. The suction pulls toxins, dead lymph and cellular debris from deep tissues to the surface. These agents are then removed from the body easily.

This alternative treatment increases blood circulation and enhances oxygen level through the body. It helps to relieve muscle tension, reduce pain, speed up healing time from respiratory illness by improving immune system, and treat anxiety and depression.

Dry Needling                      Remedial Massage + Dry Needling

Price: 1 session - $55        Price: 60 min - $95     90 min - $135     120 min - $175

Dry Needling is a technique using very thin needles to release tight muscle bands that are associated with trigger points or hard knots with the goal of permanently reducing muscle pain and dysfunction. This technique offers equal or better results than manual technique alone.

With chronic pain, your brain becomes more sensitive and cannot identify the source of real pain. Dry Needling will create a signal along the fibres and enable the brain to turn it down. This process also generates a local twitch response which can help to drain the chemicals away (e.g. Calcium) to increase Oxygen and ATPs level in the muscle. A stretching of the tissue from twisting needle is another benefit.

Pregnancy Massage

Price: 30 min - $55     60 min - $85

While carrying a baby, pregnancy women may experience an aching lower back and sore neck and shoulders. Swelling in the legs and feet may also occur. Pregnancy massage can alleviate these problems. This treatment can also reduce anxiety and depression as well as enhance your mood.

Lymphatic Drainage

Price: 60 min - $85

Manual Lymphatic Drainage applies light pressure and rhythmic circular movement removing congestion and maximising proper lymph flow. This helps the body return to a healthy condition. Toxins are carried away from the tissues passing lymph vessels through lymph nodes and then returning to the heart. Lymph system defends the body against illness be detoxifying, clearing and restoring the body's tissues. When the system is blocked, toxins may increase and affect the immune system.

Sports Massage

Price: 60 min - $85

The pre and post event massage are focusing on long strokes to broadly free up any fibrous tension causing minimal pain and soreness and get prepared for the race.